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Stormy With a Chance of Nissans

From this great state that brought us the contest “Hands on a Hardbody” comes another genius Texan auto marketing concept.  On August 8th, if San Jose is hit with a deluge of rain, World Nissan will give you a Free Altima.  While wagering on the weather may seem like a risky thing to do,  Central Texas has been stricken by a severe drought this year. “People buying a Nissan Altima at World Nissan between July 15 and August 1 will get a full refund of their purchase price if two inches of rain is measured at a nearby airport, according to “Big Al” Ortiz, the dealership’s new car sales manager. The base price for a new Altima is around $20,000. Though he did not provide exact numbers, Big Al said the offer is bringing a lot of people into the dealership, whether they buy an Altima or something else.”  With a $1,000,000. insurance policy in place, the risk for the dealer seems pretty low.  This might be silly, but it seems to be working.  A similar promotion worked for Kansas City Dealer Max Motors, where they gave away a free AK-47’s with every car purchase.  Mark Muller called it a resounding success that generated a lot of publicity, and really angered the “liberals”!

While it ain’t no “Last Picture Show”… this is a great doc to add to your Netflix queue:

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