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Built Ford Tough

With all the news about the American auto industry collapsing, TARP funds denial, and  ‘Cash for Clunkers’, the business of selling cars right now has to be a difficult one.  I often think with all this interest in hybrids, green-mobiles, and all sorts of interesting fuel developments, one factor that always seems to be overlooked is the cars basic esthetics.  Many of today’s cars seem to promise all kinds of amazing features and mileage, but lets face it, these cars are ugly.  Gone are the days of grills, fins, and real American auto style.  I was very surprised to see last week- a new Ford Flex on the road.  This full size crossover or minivan (what?) seems to have taken all the best parts of an off-road SUV and really updated it in a cool and modern way.  I liked this as a new family car a lot, it almost reminds me of a Wagoneer.  Did Detroit get this right? What do you think? -S.W.

Ford Flex

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