The Classic American Style of Wes Anderson

Houston’s own native son, Wes Anderson, is a new American style icon who goes his own way.  He is the perfect example of a well dressed man that understands the benefits of custom made clothing.  Knowing what looks good on his slight build, and by playing with proportion, Wes creates a simple and classic individual style.  Mr. Anderson seems to have wisely selected the single perfect suit style for his narrow frame, and he has the suit made up in many different seasonal fabrics.  He always seems to be wearing a basic two button single breasted jacket with cropped flat front trousers, and its a look that really flatters him.  Reportedly made for him by the New York tailor, Mr.Ned , these suits have helped place Mr. Anderson on many international best dressed lists.

Opening November 13th, Wes Anderson’s newest feature film, Fantastic Mr. Fox, looks to be the perfect holiday fare.  Taking his trademark creative vision to a new level, the entirely animated film is based on the novel for children by Roald Dahl.  With the talents of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, and Bill Murray, how could it be anything but fantastic?

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