Tampico Dust

Did you know that Chili Powder was invented here in Texas? Back in 1896, in the town of New Braunfel’s, one story maintains that a German immigrant named William Gebhardt created the very first chili powder. Inside his café at the back of a place called Miller’s Saloon, he took the same method used for making Hungarian paprika, to grind up Mexican chilies that he could acquire easily year round. He introduced his new invention as Tampico Dust, but eventually changed the name to Gebhardt’s Eagle Chili Powder, and it’s still available today.

Used in the creation of real Texas chili, this unique ingredient is irreplaceable. The real definition of Texas Chili is defined more by whats not in it, notably ground beef, beans, and cheese. The simple and delicious recipe is created by combining cubed beef chuck, simmered for hours with tomatoes and chili powder, and thickened up by using corn flour. Gebhardt’s special brand of spice can be ordered from any number of online specialty food retailers, or in Texas it can be found in just about any local grocery.


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