Hamilton Shirts has World Cup fever and it FINALLY seems like the rest of the country does too. When this past Saturdays game of USA vs. England took place, soccer seemed to finally be getting the attention it deserves here at home. At my last job (before Hamilton) I was required to travel to Europe this time of year – and all I can say is that only a Texas football game comes close to the type of fan frenzy that occurs over there. I was always a little sad that the United States never seemed to get behind our soccer team to cheer on with the fervor that they exhibit overseas. Until now!

With so many different nationalities working here at Hamilton Shirts we could watch games everyday to cheer along with our co-workers, and we’ll be following all the results closely. Watching the games from that beautiful Soccer City Stadium in South Africa have been really exciting, its hard to imagine that not that long ago the thought of something like the World Cup taking place there would have been next to impossible. Amazing!

For a list of all the best places to watch the World Cup games here in Houston, check out this great list over on Houston Citysearch.

Clint Dempsey after scoring his game tying goal – and for more amazing shots check out this New York Times slideshow.