Fish Warrior

Tonight on the National Geographic Channel is this insanely cool new series called Fish Warrior. This “adventure angler” Jakub Vagner travels to extremely remote areas of the world to track down and hunt for very rare and extremely strange species of fish.


In the premiere episode of the new series, Jakub treks to a super remote area of the Amazon rain forest to search for an Arapaima – a species of fish, virtually unchanged since the Jurassic period, that grows to massive proportions. It looks like the dude is hunting dinosaurs…literally. Even the stressed out narrator refers to the fish as a freshwater leviathan.

This fish is so scary, it even eats birds and monkeys that it finds at the waters surface. Wait until you see what this fish looks like, at one point Mr. Vagner even jumps in the water with it. It’s TOTALLY NUTS!!

Monday, July 26th at 9pm. National Geographic Channel.

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