Seeing Spots –

Seeing spots? certainly is. In a recent editorial the author creates a terrific round up of all things dotty. Something tells me that polka dots are going to be around for a while – and something we’ll be seeing a lot more of.


Seeing Spots -

The 1883 shirt (named after the West Texas town Lobo) they feature is made up in one of the more interesting shirt fabrics that we’ve ever come across. Not only does the cotton have a fantastic print on the face, but turn up the sleeves and the back reveals a different but coordinating pattern printed on the inside. Its very cool…even if we say so ourselves. We were so impressed by this unique fabric that we also decided to make it up into a western style to really show off the reverse utilizing the classic western yokes.

See them both here:

lobo double print

The Lobo Double Print

lobo double print western

The Lobo Double Print Western

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