Studio Sounds: The Wind + The Wave

You could say that Dwight Baker and Patricia Lynn met at a crossroads. Despite building successful careers in music, both singer/songwriters became gradually less fulfilled with their work. Writing had become labored – forced even. They were both holding back, riding on projects they grew to resent.


It’s hard to tell whether it was a breaking point or light at the end of the tunnel that brought Baker and Lynn together to form a new project: The Wind & The Wave. Drawing life lessons from the previous projects they left behind, the musicians now devote themselves entirely to genuine songwriting. As Lynn explains, “I really feel that when you truly tap into your experiences and let those feelings out, so many more people connect with it.”

As such, their aptly titled debut album From the Wreckage is not so much a beginning for Lynn and Baker, but more of a return to an honest take on songwriting. Stemming mostly from personal experiences, their lyrics are raw and emotive, without being off-putting. All in all, they are definitely a new favorite! Check out the video above, which speaks to The Wind & The Wave’s beginning, their process, and a taste of what’s to come when they release their debut album.