Julep: A Celebration of Southern Cocktails & Cuisine

It’s hard to imagine now, but ice was once an incredibly sought-after commodity in the South. In fact, it was an emblem of extreme wealth during most of the 19th century. Ice was not only an ingredient in Southern cocktails, but was also a means by which the upper classes could enjoy fresh shellfish and other seafood far away from the coast.


Fascinated by the history of Southern cocktails and cuisine, Houston mixologist-turned-entrepreneur Alba Huerta is launching Julep—a brand new cocktail lounge devoted to reviving the warmth, hospitality, and drinking culture of the South. Drawing from her formative experience at Anvil and The Pastry War, Huerta developed an extensive menu of historically inspired cocktails and food items, placing a special emphasis on Southern spirits & raw shellfish.

Mixologist & Bar-owner Alba Huerta

Mixologist & Bar-owner Alba Huerta


While the entire experience is centered around sharing Southern heritage, Julep is also unique in that it celebrates the rise of female mixologists and barowners—a notable point of progress from the male-dominated industry of yesteryear. As such, the interior will feature a slightly feminine touch, adding to the nostalgic nuances of copper countertops and an extensive back porch.

Stay tuned to Julep’s website and Facebook for details concerning their opening. And when you visit, be sure to take a look at the custom Hamilton shirts designed for the male staff!

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