Brand Profile: Side Project Skateboards

From new restaurants to brick & mortar boutiques, there has been an incredible surge in Houston’s entrepreneurial and creative communities throughout the last several years. And as the city’s longest running family business, we’re continually inspired to discover small new companies who are opening all around us. In fact, our favorite recent favorite is located only a couple blocks south of our workshop and is already receiving international attention despite only launching in October of 2013.


Launched by Jake Eshelman (a friend a colleague who has worked with Hamilton since Spring of last year), Side Project Skateboards is a brand of handmade, vintage-inspired skateboards crafted from recovered hardwoods and American-made components. As you can imagine, SPS is somewhat of an anomaly, crafting luxury skateboards that are as stunning to look at as they are to ride.



If we were to pinpoint a defining characteristic of SPS, it would definitely be quality—not just of the skateboards themselves, but the entire brand as a whole. Jake handles every aspect of the label including product design, woodworking, photography, web design, social media, etc. It’s a labor of love that we can absolutely get behind.

Be sure to visit Side Project Skateboards online and stay tuned for their upcoming Fall/Winter ’14 collection, which is set to debut this month. In the meantime, you can follow SPS on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Side Project Skateboards is also representing Houston as a finalist in this year’s Made in America Awards, so be sure to join us in casting your votes!