Retailer Profile: George Bass

In 1985, underwhelmed by the menswear landscape at the time, George Bass opened a specialty men’s clothing store in New Orleans. Since then, both he and the boutique carrying his name have been at the forefront of upscale menswear—especially when it comes to helping customers define their own style through custom tailoring.


What sets George Bass apart from other boutiques is their intimate knowledge of how garments are (and should be) constructed. This is of course in addition to their extensive experience guiding customers through the bespoke process—a distinct service that they have refined over the last thirty years to secure a well-deserved spot in Esquire’s 2014 list of the top eleven men’s stores in America. In fact, George Bass is widely recognized for their proprietary process whereby they will completely tailor garments over the phone, shipping the final pieces to customers around the world knowing that they will fit perfectly.


It goes without saying that we at Hamilton are very proud to be part of George Bass. You can customize our shirts at both their New Orleans and Baton Rouge locations, with an informed stylist to help guide you every step of the way.

For more information on George Bass locations, services and products, you can learn more at their website. And to get a better feel of what it’s like to visit in person, be sure to read through our friend Max Wastler’s recent studio visit at the original George Bass location New Orleans, published on Basil Hayden’s Whiskey Among Other Things…

*Photos courtesy of Max Wastler & Basil Hayden’s