Press: Esquire’s “Big Black Book” 2015

There is always a buzz around our workshop in anticipation of the upcoming editions of Esquire’s Big Black Book. This year is no different, except that we are even more excited having spotted Hamilton Shirts in three separate features.

Whether you’re putting together the perfect suit, layering with a light leather jacket or picking out a versatile outfit for a trip oversees, we’re thrilled to have Esquire’s seal of approval. Take a look at our features below and be sure to pick up your copy of Esquire’s Big Black Book to read these – and other – stories in full.

esquire-big-black-book-2015-hamilton-shirts-1 esquire-big-back-book-2015-hamilton-shirts-1 esquire-big-black-book-2015-hamilton-shirts-3 esqure-big-black-book-2015-hamilton-shirts-five-outfits esquire-big-black-book-2015-hamilton-shirts-cover

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