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Hamilton x HIWI: Another Reason to Stay in the Loop

Houston gets a bad rap—and though we couldn’t imagine living and working anywhere else, we kind of get it. (Really though… who in their right mind enjoys mosquito welts and rush hour traffic?) It’s a city of incredible institutions and opportunities, but as we all know, we have our share of afflictions.

This is the full story behind the Hamilton x HIWI series:


Like all of our seasonal collections, it all began with the fabrics themselves. We gravitated toward six options that were loud, proud and undeniably preppy—much like the iconic Ralph Lauren Polo shirts of the 80’s. And it clicked: Ralph Lauren had a polo player adorning their shirts… what did we have? What was our monogram?

Sometimes menswear takes itself too seriously, so we set out to bring that sort of glamorous lifestyle dream back down to earth for a hot minute. Sure, we have polo here in Houston, but we’re better known for our potholes. So why not adorn the collection with the ugly things people say about our city? Oh, and let’s do it in all black.



The result is a mischievous and subversive take on Houston’s unpleasant underbelly, showcasing some of our many afflictions as tiny embroidered badges of both pride and concession. After all, Houston is worth every bit of it.

In fact, the collection is released in homage to the “Houston. It’s Worth It.” Campaign, with all profits benefitting Get Out Here Houston. Take a look at the full HIWI collection to pick your poison and wear it proud.