Houston Roots Run Deep: The Houstorian Dictionary

Houston gets a bad rap, but it’s an incredible hub for culture, industry, and opportunity—and according to some, it always has been. In fact, we just picked up The Houstorian Dictionary, which seeks to catalogue and celebrate “the innovators, artists, heroes, hucksters, scientists, philanthropists, performers, politicians, and tinkerers” who have made Houston what it is today.

Written by author and fifth-generation Houstonian, James Glassman, The Houstorian Dictionary strives to address what he calls “Houston’s history problem.” And no—it’s not a matter of bad PR; it’s the realization that we have a lousy record of documenting the events and thinkers that make our city unique.

Be sure to take a minute to flip through our copy the next time you visit our Houston workshop. You can also find The Houstorian Dictionary online to have your own insider’s guide to our city’s unique heritage. Either way, keep a keen eye out for their entry on Hamilton Shirts.


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