Hamilton Shirts Holiday Gift Guide

The right shirt should serve as the foundation for your ensemble. That’s our specialty. But we also understand that a distinguished look involves more than just a well-fitting shirt (well… in most situations at least). So while our area of expertise is to craft the perfect shirts for your unique style, size and sensibility, we also help you look your absolute best through personalized service and style advice.

In that spirit, we rounded up some of our favorite – and most highly recommended – garments and accessories from other brands who share the same dedication to quality, craftsmanship and overall style. Take a look:


Trousers by Hiltl Pants
Having just celebrated their 60th anniversary, this renowned Bavarian company has developed a worldwide reputation for crafting high quality trousers with creative detailings and innovative fabrics.


Watches by Shinola
An American success story, Shinola opened their doors in Detroit during the worst of the recession in order to keep jobs in the states, while also producing the best possible products they could—beginning with their collection of phenomenal watches.


Ties by Drake’s London
Founded in London’s East End, the makers, purveyors and haberdashers behind Drake’s London embody the highest manifestation of English elegance. While they produce a variety of garments and accessories, their handmade ties are particular standouts season after season.


Denim by Levi’s Made & Crafted
As a relatively new flagship brand of Levi’s, the Made & Crafted collections are crafted from custom textiles, the finest raw materials, and time-honored construction methods. We’re especially fond of their denim, which features natural indigo dye and additional detailing for an updated, yet casual feel.


Come by our Houston Storefront to take a look at these – and many other – pieces in person. We stock a curated selection of garments to help build your wardrobe and accessories to give it an extra bit of flare. And as always, we’re happy to walk you through our favorites, whether you’re looking to find the perfect gift or to build your unique look.