Redefining a Tasteful Experience: State of Grace

Houston is a great place to be hungry. There are always new restaurants, lounges, and food trucks popping up—to the point where it can be hard to keep up at times.

It’s a great problem to have, especially when you have so many incredible discoveries on the horizon. Our newest favorite actually isn’t all that new in the scheme of things. In fact, our first experience at State of Grace felt like finding an odd second home we never knew we had.


And yes—we may be a bit behind the hype. We’d already heard great things from friends and clients for several weeks before we were able to swing by. (Reservations are a good idea). In short, it was well worth the wait.


Simply put, State of Grace is a successful medley of what, in other hands, would have been inharmonius. The interior is at once classic and inviting, yet contemporary in the most elegant of ways. The menu offers a similar experience, with dishes that curate culinary inspiration from cuisines celebrated throughout the American South, Germany, Asia and Latin America. By all rights, with so much on their plate, State of Grace shouldn’t really work. Yet it does in the best of ways.

While the food and drinks speak worlds unto themselves, native Houstonians may also appreciate the familiar setting in the Lamar-River Oaks Shopping Center, which has remained relatively unchanged since the 1950’s. All around, an extremely tasteful experience.


State of Grace is open for lunch (M-F), happy hour (M-F), dinner (nightly) and brunch on Sundays. Check their website for hours and menus. You can also follow along on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Let us know what you think.