We’re expanding our bespoke offerings

For the first time in the last 133 years, we are happy to announce that we are considerably broadening our custom shirting program.

We get a lot of inquiries from our clients about our bespoke service—and we have to admit that we’ve crafted custom shirts for a variety of interesting projects. Those of you who have followed us for a while may recognize Kelly’s cats, Claire and Twiggy, who make unannounced cameos into our seasonal photo shoots every once and a while. We didn’t think much of it at first, but we have received lots of inquiries about these images over the last couple years.

twittgy-shirt-cat twiggy-cat-shirt

After countless customer questions and much consideration, we’re now officially booking bespoke appointments for cats. For obvious reasons, we’ve learned that it’s better for us to come to you, and our Shirting Specialists are always available to help with the same level of service and expertise you would expect from a regular fitting.


Give us a call* to schedule an appointment—preferably sometime after April Fool’s.

*Please don’t. 😉

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