Making the cut for Esquire’s Editor-in-Chief

Following his final issue at the helm of Esquire magazine, we want to honor editor-in-chief David Granger for his years of patronage and support.

It’s always incredible to see our work featured in print, but the April issue of Esquire was particularly meaningful.

It’s not just that we were included as one of “50 Things that are Worth the Money” — a feat we’re extremely proud of — but that we were specifically endorsed by the acting editor-in-chief, David Granger in his final issue:


It goes without saying that we’re honored to have worked with David throughout the years—let alone to have won his esteem through our bespoke shirting. And while we’ll miss David’s discerning eye and creative vision as Esquire’s editor-in-chief, we wish him all the best in what’s to come.



—David & Kelly Hamilton


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