Behind the Curtain of the Acclaimed MFAH Film Program

Honestly, we’re just not that into most movie theaters.

On the whole, the films are okay (at best) and the ambiance is… well, kind of sticky. Generally not quite the experience we tend to go in for.

Of course, being Houston, there are many alternatives around town that offer something decidedly different. So, in the spirit of staying entertained (and indoors during the oppressive summer months), we’ve found ourselves with a reinvigorated interest in actually seeing films in the theater—largely thanks to the film program at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.


In short, the MFAH Theater offers a unique movie-going experience. As you would expect from such a renowned arts institution, they screen an expertly curated selection of films across genres, budgets, and styles. It’s more than simply spanning classic to contemporary tastes—they screen a wide variety of productions, including many premiers, independent productions, documentaries, and foreign films.

In addition to being one of the city’s better kept secrets in intellectual entertainment, we weren’t surprised to learn that the MFAH Film program serves as a common denominator behind the scenes, helping to coordinate and support the many local film festivals we have in Houston throughout the year. While they are set to release their fall calendar in the coming weeks, one of their more eagerly anticipated screenings will be “The Cats of Istanbul” documentary (still shown below), which will debut during Houston’s Turkish Film Festival in late September.


All in all, we think the MFAH Theater is well worth a visit—even a full-on membership. Their summer screenings are in full tilt, with a variety of films showing through the end of the month. They’re also gearing up to release their fall film calendar, to be sure to visit their website for a list of upcoming features and running times.

All images courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. 

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