The Men’s Health Guide to Dressing Like a Champ

A Look at 17 Style Icons with Winning Wardrobes

For their September issue, Men’s Health set out to distinguish the distinct look of a champion. Of course their search wasn’t relegated to sports stars. Instead, they consider all manner of men across time and industries, from the boxing ring to the silver screen.

As such, we were particularly delighted to see actor, director and diplomat Sidney Poitier in their list. In addition to being one of our favorites on screen, we’ve always admired his carefully considered sense of style. Even off-camera, Poitier exudes an immense, yet effortless sense of class from a simple well-fitting suit, crisp collar and non-descript tie.

For those looking to recreate his look within own wardrobe, Men’s Health selected our made-to-measure dress shirt as a key ingredient for their “recipe for sophistication” in honor of Mr. Poitier’s classic, timeless presence.  Take a look at their Poitier-inspired style guide above and pick up the printed edition to see the full feature.