Dining with Foreign Correspondents

An exceptional taste of Northern Thai cuisine prepared with high quality Gulf ingredients.

In light of our excitement diving face-first into weeks’ worth of holiday meals, we can’t help but to think back to other types of traditional cuisine around Houston. Invariably, one of the first to come to mind is the regional Isaan and Lanna cuisine at Northern Correspondents.


As Houston’s only farm-to-table Northern and Northeastern Thai restaurant, they have their work cut out for themselves. Of course, that’s all by choice.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the Foreign Correspondents experience simmers down to their considered choice of ingredients. Most of their ingredients are grown or harvested here in the Gulf, including lemongrass, galangal, turmeric, lime leaf, seafood, etc. Beyond that, they rely on a tight knit network of local growers who take advantage of Houston’s distinct climate to grow unique ingredients you can’t find through traditional suppliers.

Much of their work is rooted in their ingredients. From there, it’s a matter of preparation. Launched by chefs PJ and Apple (who both lived in northern Thailand), they are well versed in authentic techniques. In fact, they grind their own curries in-house, again using ingredients not commercially available in the US. They apply this work ethic and passion to their entire menu, which rotates daily based on what’s in-season.


All in all, the experience is transformative, yet relentlessly approachable. The quality of the food at Foreign Correspondents could easily be complimented with an air of pretension, but instead, their atmosphere is friendly, quirky and casual. This even extends to their interior, which features an otherworldly mural that energizes the room as if it was ripped out of a neon-colored graphic novel. And yet somehow, it all works.

If you haven’t yet, carve out some time to make the trip and give them a try. Check the official Foreign Correspondents website to preview their menus, see their hours and make a reservation. Let us know what you think.

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