Esquire’s Alternative to Business as Usual

In a world filled with disruption, the April issue of Esquire revels in the quiet strength of a simple, impeccable look.

One of the most interesting aspects of our work is guiding our customers through the process of crafting their own distinctive style, whether they lean more toward the classic or contemporary. That said, we always feel that less is more, and that a discerning eye for detail can make even the simplest garments stand out.

We were pleased to see that Esquire agrees in their April issue. As they put it, there’s a timeless sort of strength in simplicity—and few things help lay that foundation better than our crisp cornflower blue dress shirt.

Pick up Esquire’s April issue to see their full feature on debunking business as usual, or swing by the store to start crafting your new blue-collar look.

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