Pax Americana: A Culinary Celebration of our 50 States

Partnering with local farmers, fishmongers and countless other vendors, this upscale Houston restaurant offers a contemporary taste of the American spirit.

Given that we have been handcrafting our shirts here in Houston since 1883, we are always excited to discover other brands and businesses that share similar philosophies concerning quality. However, we’ve found that “Made in the USA” is not always an indicator of superior taste or informed craftsmanship. The true measure of quality stems from someone maintaining a direct hand in the work. And having recently visited Pax Americana in the Museum District, we’ve discovered a restaurant that takes that approach to heart.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Pax Americana is an inviting restaurant and bar that serves contemporary American fare using high-quality, local ingredients. To do so, Executive Chef Adam Dorris partners with a select network of suppliers throughout the US who offer the best meat, fish, produce and spirits to form the foundation of his signature menus. This dedication even extends to their wine list, which only features small American wineries to offer a true sense of the diversity, flavor, and terroir available throughout the US.

Diversity also plays a large role in the Pax Americana experience. Their menus offer a well-tailored variety of options suitable for differing diets and tastes. On that note, we recommend visiting a couple times to get a full feel for their unique approach.

As for the name, Pax Americana translates to “American Peace” in Latin. Commonly used to describe the years of peace following World War II, the restaurant founders feel that the phrase specifically “represents a unique period when [American] culture spread globally, while also allowing global cultural influences back in.”

In addition to a menu that embodies the unique melting pot that is American culture, the restaurant also celebrates this sense of exchange with a series of blank ‘passports’ in which visitors are invited to leave notes, doodles, or feedback. Not just for the eyes of the restaurant staff, these passports offer an interesting way to share an experience with those at your table, or even with others you may never meet who drop by on an entirely different day.

As they put it, Pax Americana is “born from friendship, a passion for great food and drink, and the desire to offer true hospitality.” From where we sit, they deliver on every point.

Take a look at the Pax Americana website to learn more about their unique and passionate take on local, culinary craft.

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