Esquire recreates the signature style of iconic creatives

In their latest Big Black Book, Esquire honors the lives, legacies, and looks left by their “Three Wise Men”

Of all the people who leave a lasting impact on menswear, we’re all drawn one way or another to those who are able to craft their own distinct sense of personal style—whether dapper or disheveled. At Esquire, they went a layer deeper through the archives to unearth images of three style icons: painter Lucian Freud, actor and philanthropist Paul Newman, and poet/playwright Samuel Beckett.

In addition to the incredible creative contributions these men offered during their lifetimes, Esquire also points out that they left an indelible mark on men’s style. As such, they scoured every resource at their disposal to recreate some of their most distinctive looks using contemporary garments and accessories. We’re thrilled that when crafting an outfit in honor of Lucian Freud, they landed on our blue and white houndstooth 1883 shirt from our fall collection.

Pick up a copy of Esquire’s Big Black Book to take a closer look at the full feature. In the meantime, you can work on building your own signature style online or in-person at our Houston storefront.