Introducing our Classic Sport Shirts

A bridge between business and casual, we designed our newest shirting category to always be appropriate.

Fit is everything. At Hamilton Shirts, we believe this extends beyond the size and specs of a shirt itself. After all, what good is a custom-fitted shirt if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle?

It was this line of thinking that prompted us to expand our shirt categories to offer something between the formality of our Dress shirts and the casual appeal of our 1883 Sport shirts. With that, we’re excited to introduce our new Classic Sport collection.

First and foremost, this collection is all about versatility. As such, we designed our Classic Sport shirts to fit in anywhere. Each shirt in this category is meant to be worn tucked in, making it easy to dress them up or down appropriately. Offering the best of business casual, these shirts are ideal for transitioning seamlessly between your workweek and weekend.

As for the shirt construction, our Classic Sport collection embodies the exceeding quality standards and attention to detail we maintain for all of our shirts. For example, the Classic Sport collars are expertly stitched (never fused)—in this case using a thinner interlining and sporting a wider spread compared to our Dress Shirts. This subtle difference offers a slightly more contemporary look and relaxed feel.

Our Classic Sport shirts also take cues from our more casual 1883 Sport collection by featuring decidedly seasonal fabrics. Whereas our Dress Shirt fabrics tend toward timelessness, the Classic Sport options range across vibrant solids, saturated checks, seasonal plaids, and select prints.

Ultimately, we believe the best way to experience our Classic Sport category is to try the shirts on for yourself. You can peruse our Classic Sport collection online or swing by our workshop to take a closer look. And as always, feel free to get in touch with our shirting specialists who are more than happy to answer any questions or guide you through the process.