Thomas Mason “Icons”

Explore an extremely limited-edition tribute to the legendary style of Jermyn Street

There’s a lot that goes into making a high-quality shirt, and one of the first and foremost considerations is selecting the right fabric. It’s not just a matter of aesthetic—fabrics are defined by their raw materials, thread counts, and woven structure to name a few. All of these nuances will determine the character of the final shirt such as comfort, breathability, or how long it’ll last. It’s a thorough and rigorous process that can wield incredible results, which is why we are proud to be longstanding partners with Thomas Mason fabrics.

As part of that partnership, we are honored and excited to be one of 18 shirt-makers around the world to offer their exclusive new “Icons” capsule collection. Featuring five striped fabrics selected from the Thomas Mason archive (which itself spans over 700 volumes to date), these throwback patterns are emblematic of 1960’s British style along the famed Jermyn Street.

Of course, all five fabrics are luxuriously rich, crafted as a densely woven 2-ply poplin fabric, which itself is made from the highest quality Extra-Long Staple Egyptian cotton. In addition to the eye-catching stripes, the fabrics also feature a signature “Thomas Mason Icon” selvedge detail (below).

Naturally, these fabrics are very limited. In fact, each of the 18 shirt-makers around the globe invited to participate only received enough stock to individually make five shirts per pattern. We’re delighted to be included in such a rare opportunity to bring these singular fabrics back to life.

If you’re interested in ordering one of the Thomas Mason “Icons,” see us in-store or contact one of our Shirt Specialists at 713.264.8800.


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