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East – Esquire’s Big Black Book Spring/Summer 2014

Esquire’s Spring/Summer 2014 ‘Big Black Book’ special issue looks at dressing for the heat, inspired by the look & style of exotic locations in the Far East. Linen suits, white cotton shirts (like ours seen here), and sweltering temperatures. Bring on the gin & tonics.

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Men of Many Shirts – The Wall Street Journal 3/13/14

How many shirts do you own? How many is too many? Ray A. Smith of The Wall Street Journal uncovers a well kept sartorial secret – you can never own enough shirts. If you missed the print version of the article – a link to the online version at can currently be found here.

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Pick for Spring 14 – Benjamin Liong Setiawan

In the online spring issue of Heaven Has Heels, contributing editor (and editor of Benjamin Liong Setiawan, mentions his choice for a must have item for spring/summer. He picked out our navy plaid linen and mentions some smart tips on how to wear it. Thanks, Ben!

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The Spring Style Matrix – Men’s Health 3/14

Its not very often when Hamilton Shirts falls on the wilder side of the style spectrum — but for spring we have some shirts that fall somewhere between ‘enduring’ & ‘wilder’. We like it! Its good to get a little crazy once in fact, while we’re at it…we’ll take a pair of those winged […]

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Why We Dress Now – Esquire March ’14

Clothes can have meaning and tell a strong story. They can clinch a job interview, make first impressions count, land you a second date. Esquire understands all this and puts together a story in their March issue that talks about “advantages and opportunities of dressing with purpose, drive, and something that sometimes resembles passion.” Featuring […]

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Where Houston Gents Should Be Shopping Now – Localeur

“Art Guy Around Town” Jarrod Klawinsky reports into “Localeur” about the best places for guys to shop in Houston right now. His top pick? Hamilton Shirts, of course! “1883 was a red-letter year in the history of American business. It was the year the Brooklyn Bridge opened, Thomas Edison unveiled his light bulb, and the […]

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