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East – Esquire’s Big Black Book Spring/Summer 2014

Esquire’s Spring/Summer 2014 ‘Big Black Book’ special issue looks at dressing for the heat, inspired by the look & style of exotic locations in the Far East. Linen suits, white cotton shirts (like ours seen here), and sweltering temperatures. Bring on the gin & tonics.

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Men of Many Shirts – The Wall Street Journal 3/13/14

How many shirts do you own? How many is too many? Ray A. Smith of The Wall Street Journal uncovers a well kept sartorial secret – you can never own enough shirts. If you missed the print version of the article – a link to the online version at can currently be found here.

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Pick for Spring 14 – Benjamin Liong Setiawan

In the online spring issue of Heaven Has Heels, contributing editor (and editor of Benjamin Liong Setiawan, mentions his choice for a must have item for spring/summer. He picked out our navy plaid linen and mentions some smart tips on how to wear it. Thanks, Ben!

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The Spring Style Matrix – Men’s Health 3/14

Its not very often when Hamilton Shirts falls on the wilder side of the style spectrum — but for spring we have some shirts that fall somewhere between ‘enduring’ & ‘wilder’. We like it! Its good to get a little crazy once in fact, while we’re at it…we’ll take a pair of those winged […]

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Why We Dress Now – Esquire March ’14

Clothes can have meaning and tell a strong story. They can clinch a job interview, make first impressions count, land you a second date. Esquire understands all this and puts together a story in their March issue that talks about “advantages and opportunities of dressing with purpose, drive, and something that sometimes resembles passion.” Featuring […]

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The New Rules of Winter Style – Esquire 12/13

Esquire December questions traditional menswear rules that need to be broken every once in a while. For an updated & modern look the magazine suggests wearing a shirt buttoned all the way to the top worn without a necktie along with a suit or sports jacket. We endorse!  

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