Hamilton Bespoke

The Luxury of Originality

The word ‘bespoke’ finds its origins in the word “bespoken”—meaning to speak for, to arrange beforehand, or to develop a unique product addressing a customer’s exact and unique specifications.

Our family has offered our Hamilton bespoke services since 1883—and is one of the few brands to offer a true bespoke shirt with limitless customization. We work directly with you to create shirts unique to you, exactly how you like them.

We begin the process by taking precise measurements to customize your ideal fit. Our shirting specialists will guide you through fabric and styling choices to create your perfect bespoke shirts. And once we have your specific details on file placing repeat orders is easy—simply call us or visit us here online to place an order and we’ll make your shirts just the way you like them.

This personalized care and service is a defining characteristic of the Hamilton Bespoke experience that has been handed down through generations. Visit our Houston Storefront or a Hamilton Stockist near you to meet with a Hamilton bespoke services shirting specialist.

Our Fabrics

Hamilton Bespoke offers over 500 of the world’s finest fabrics for you to customize the right shirts. But you don’t have to just take our word for it—let us know which fabrics you’re interested in and we’re happy to send you swatches.

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Have Questions About Bespoke?

We’re always here to guide you through the process to perfect your Bespoke shirts. See some of our most frequently asked questions or get in touch with one of our shirting specialists directly.

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